Message From Chairman

This is my pleasure to introduce you to Honesty Overseas Pvt. Ltd. A destination for various categories of Nepalese workers. We are the upcoming manpower recruiting company operating in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with efficient working members to meet the desired demands of international clients. We invite you to observe this Boucher and learn about our organization.
I have worked long periods in the Middle East in different companies and different countries. So I know the Middle East. I finished my career at a management level by working in various sectors in Middle Eastern companies know about recruiting and managing the manpower business.
Nepalese are famous for their Bravery, honesty, loyalty stout physique and hard work. Hence, people from Nepal are best for your work. We generate skillful manpower and furnish them at your work.
We undertake complete responsibilities to recruit any category of personnel from Nepal on behalf of legally authorized and genuine overseas. We promise to provide reliable and good services to our clients putting all our efforts. We are positive with our mind to give you maximum comfort to make your business fruitful for mutual benefit.
We want to commit to better service as you need. We will always continue to deliver our efficient workforce at your service to work abroad.
Thank you for your interest and time

Abdul Jabbar (Jabbar Ali)